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Drake Power Plant, Colorado Springs, CO USA- Larry Marr

Drake Power Plant, Colorado Springs, CO USA- Larry Marr

Lightning Protection is becoming a necessity for any and all industries across the world. The rate, frequency and strength of lightning strikes along with storms are increasing.

Areas that do not normally experience a large number of lightning strikes are being hit more often and areas that do usually see major storms and heavy lightning are being hit harder and longer. The North eastern United States and Europe have seen an increased number of lightning strikes measurably in the last few years.

According to reports from Lloyds and the Insurance Information Institute lightning-related losses are up 15% from 2009 to 2010. In a 2006 study by Liverpool John Moores University, lightning accounts for 61% of all accidents in storage and processing activities. In North America, 16 out of 20 accidents involving petroleum products storage tanks were as a result of lightning strikes.  In, 2009 the National Lightning Safety Institute reported that lightning damage and related losses exceeded $5 billion. According to the Association of British Insurers in 2007 weather damage in the UK during a “normal” year, is likely to be double that of current years.

So now, more than ever is the time for assessing the risks associated with lightning strikes!

There is no cookie cutter approach to lightning protection and it involves more than just preventing a strike.  Each situation like each installation is unique and should combine protection from lightning’s primary effects (a lightning Strike) with its secondary effects (grounding/earthing/surge).  Without an all-inclusive approach and taking every aspect of vulnerability into account a facility is not truly protected. At lightning eliminators our expert consultants and/or engineers, depending upon the needs of the client, review each project taking into account all aspects and requirements of the area which needs protection ensuring that an expansive solution is provided. Working with your team we provide the client with whatever services they need to achieve complete lightning protection and success.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. – About

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) is dedicated to providing integrated lightning protection and lightning prevention products, solutions and services.  In association with grounding systems engineering, testing and surge protection design LEC utilizes innovative patented charge transfer technology, providing comprehensive and integral consulting, assessment and design. All work-product is based on state of the art engineering principles and physics which has enabled LEC to successfully install and maintain lightning protection systems (LPS) and solutions that divert direct lightning strikes and protect against lightning’s secondary effects in over 90 countries, and throughout the United States, for over 44 years.

Through products such as its proprietary Dissipation Array® Systems (DAS®) and  the Retractable Grounding Assembly  (RGA®) for floating roof tanks LEC has protected the majority of Global 1000 companies from disaster and loss efficiently and sustainably across multiple industries which include but are not limited to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Energy, Biochemical, Chemical Manufacturing, Information Technologies, Nuclear Energy, Mining, Utilities, Shipping, Manufacturing industries and more.

Lightning Eliminators was founded in 1971 by Roy B. Carpenter, Jr., and still operates today under the guidance and supervision of the Carpenter Family in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

Roy Carpenter served as a Chief Engineer for NASA’s Apollo Moon Landing Missions and the Space Shuttle design engineering teams. Lightning, a large and frequent problem at Cape Canaveral, led to the formation of Lightning Eliminators & Associates the precursor to Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. established in order to study and apply engineering principles to lightning strike problems and setting out to design a lightning strike prevention system based on physics and taking into account the scientific study of point-discharge rather than guess work or mere observation as had been the oversight of the lightning protection community for well over 200 years.

After thoroughly studying the problems associated with lightning over time, LEC designed a charge transfer system (CTS) which utilizes the point discharge phenomenon.  Known as the Dissipation Array® System (DAS), LEC’s modular and engineered lightning protection devices have prevented lightning strikes and lightning damage at thousands of sites since LEC was founded and continue to do so today. LEC’s confidence in this solution has led LEC to extend a full no-strike warranty to each and every client who purchases a system and re-certifies it every year. Over time, the success ratio or reliability of the charge transfer point discharge system stands at 99.87%, with over 60,000 system years of data on close to 3,500 installed systems.

In addition, complimentary lightning measurement devices supplement lightning protection by keeping clients informed of incoming storms, lightning and more. LEC is the source of knowledge and intelligence for all aspects of lightning strike prevention, control and subsequent risk mitigation and management. Over 150 years of combined real world operational experience, research, innovative product development and consulting services have enabled LEC to carve out a unique niche within the lightning strike prevention arena across a wide range of industries and governments, both domestically and internationally.

The LEC Advantage over the other vendors is our unique market leading experience, knowledge and expertise. We have an excellent library of technical articles, research papers, client success stories and product presentations that document the success of our patented solutions.  The LEC management team members are recognized experts in the field of lightning control and prevention, with a strong background of business and financial leadership.  We understand the need to justify and conduct a cost benefit analysis of any expenditure.  At the same time we also know, first hand, that any reasonable risk analysis will support exploring our products and services. The LEC Advantage is the heart and soul of our products and services. LEC technical development superiority, consulting services and solutions deliver.

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