How To Prevent Lightning Damage
July 29, 2017
The Most Effective Lightning Protection Design & Turnkey Solution
July 29, 2017

In the industrial world time is money, thus nothing can be more frustrating for a manufacturer than to stop production due to power going out. Industrial lightning protection systems are designed to protect such businesses or plants and its assets from the harmful effects of lightning damage. Do you know millions of dollars are lost in damage caused by a lightning strike? Thus, a lightning protection system ensures that lighting is controlled and it doesn’t cause any damage.

Lightning Protection

Take for example the telecommunication industry. The cell towers have gotten considerably taller and are being installed with expensive equipment making them more susceptible to damage from lightning strikes. Not only the telecommunication sector; any industry that is required to be kept online through advanced electronics require lightning protection.
An industry or a plant requires protection because:
– Principally, most official buildings are metal structures, making them more susceptible to being struck with lightning.
– Most industries use and store highly flammable materials
– Safety of the workers is important
– Having a lightning protection system in place is an essential condition for insurance companies and it may also reduce the cost of the policy
– Being stuck by lightning could result in serious loss of service, equipment, and machines.
– With advancement is sensitive electronic components; it is highly capable of being damaged even by slight fluctuations in electric current. The necessity to protect these equipments from such surges has become very crucial. Thus advancement in lightning protection system is imperative.

Lightning Protection System

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. has become one of the most highly regarded company of lightning protection solutions. With extensive sales network and distribution points, the company can easily service customers all over the country and beyond. Being pioneers and patent holders of DAS technology, LEC can customize a solution for any business and even help clients choose from a number of products and services. Over the years this company has become synonym for quality products, designed at par with international standards.

                                                Schools, hospitals, airports, factories, power generating plants and even office buildings are now playing it safe by installing lightning protection systems. Lightning protection systems for industries is something that every industry will benefit from.
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