Lightning Protections Products, Services, and Solutions


Who Needs Lightning Protection

Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

Terminals / Tank Farms
Hazardous Materials Facilities
Information & Communications Technologies

Information & Communications Technologies

Data Centers
Broadcast Technologies
Electrical Manufacturing
911 Call Centers

Utilities / Energy

Water Treatment / Waste Water
Transmission and Distribution
Power Generation
Nuclear Plants
Fossil Fuel

Facilities, Institutions & Transportation

Correction Facilities
Entertainment and Sports Arenas
Laboratories / Research Warehouses
Shipping Ports / Marinas
Transportation Hubs
Industrial & Process Manufacturing

Industrial & Process Manufacturing

Wood and Lumber
Paper Mills

Government, Military, & Defense Installations

The LEC Advantage

The LEC advantage is the heart and soul of our products and services. LEC technical development superiority, consulting services and solutions implementations.

  • DAS® No-Strike Warranty
  • Catastrophe prevention
  • Financial risk mitigation
  • Risk management training

The LEC advantage over the other vendors is our market leading experience, knowledge and expertise. We have an excellent library of technical articles, research papers, client success stories and product presentations that document the success of our patented solutions. The LEC management team members are recognized experts in the field of lightning control and prevention, with a strong background of business and financial leadership. We understand the need to justify and do cost benefit analysis of any expenditure. At the same time we also know, first hand, that any reasonable risk analysis will support exploring our products and services.

DAS® No-Strike Warranty

LEC provides the only No Strike Warranty in the industry on our DAS® solutions, when installed, maintained and supervised by LEC our DAS® prevents direct strikes with a 99% success rate, minimizing the risks to facilities and operations. The benefits can be substantial: reduced downtime, reduced maintenance/repair costs, improved reliability, increased personnel safety and a healthier bottom line.


The Dissipation Array® System (DAS®) prevents lightning strikes at thousands of sites in over 60 countries, with a 99.87% success rate measured over 60,000 system years. The DAS® prevents lightning strikes by reducing the local, storm-induced electric fields, interrupting the formation of upward streamers and thus preventing lightning strikes in the protected area… read more

Catastrophe Prevention

LEC solutions are truly preventive, combining lightning prevention, protection, grounding and surge suppression to create an “isolation zone” that inhibits direct strikes to the protected site and minimizes the effects of any strikes nearby.

Financial Risk Mitigation

Our customers and prospects all have three primary areas of concern from a lightning strike: personnel safety, environmental impact (including human cost and suffering) and financial consequences. Every one of these elements can have a measurable financial impact, from interruption of business flow, breakdown of systems, loss of product and production and add-on costs such as disaster clean up, environmental impact lawsuits and Federal oversight costs.

Risk Management Training

The LEC risk management training can be delivered on-site or off-site for large industry groups. Risk management training programs incorporate risk assessment, prevention, guidance and recommendation, financial planning and an on-going program of advice and guidance post-implementation.

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