December 10, 2015
Lightning Protection, Charge Transfer Technology, DAS

Christmas Miracle? No, Just Physics!

Lightning Protection Blog Week 117 | December 10, 2015 I know I have been remiss in posting recently, for which I apologize. So much to do, […]
May 22, 2014
DAS, Charge Transfer Technology, Spline Ball, Hitachi

Lightning Protection: Hitachi is Sharing the Knowledge

Lightning Protection Blog Week 86 | May 22, 2014 One of the highlights of the lightning protection business is that we get to work with people and companies all over […]
April 24, 2014
Lightning protection DAS

Lightning Prevention Win|Retraction Posted

Lightning Protection Blog Week 83 | April 24, 2014 In October 2013, The Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) published a press release through PRNewswire, “Unapproved Lightning Protection Devices […]
March 20, 2014
Lightning Protection, Lightning Standards, DAS, Dissipation Array System NFPA 780, UL 96A

Lightning Protection Standards: Part II – Lightning Eliminators Standards Story

Lightning Protection Blog Week 79 | March 20, 2014 Subscribe to the Lightning Protection Blog in the right-hand column on the Blog Homepage Here is Part […]