January 17, 2013
Lightning Strikes

Record Breaking Climates of 2012 Attribute to Increased Lightning Strikes

By: JoOnna Silberman, LightningDiva@Large Although summer months mark the peak for storms and lightning strikes, places all over the world in both hemispheres have been experiencing […]
January 10, 2013

Lightning Predicted to Increase by 50% by 2050- Oil and Gas Companies under High Alert!

Attend the 1st Lightning Protection Summit and prepare Oil and Gas for what’s coming! As the age of energy exploration, research and manufacturing is increasing, the issue […]
December 6, 2012
Facility protection, Safety, Lightning Protection, DAS, Dissipation Array, Risk Mitigation, Plant protection

Lightning: The Overlooked Threat in Risk Mitigation

Lightning Protection Blog As featured in The McMorrow Corporate Facilities Management Report | September 2012 By: Joe Lanzoni, VP of Operations, Lightning Eliminators Thousands of large corporations’ facilities […]