December 10, 2015
Lightning Protection, Charge Transfer Technology, DAS

Christmas Miracle? No, Just Physics!

Lightning Protection Blog Week 117 | December 10, 2015 I know I have been remiss in posting recently, for which I apologize. So much to do, […]
October 8, 2015
Lightning Protection Systems, Lightning Damage, Lightning Protection Maintenance

Lightning Protection: Precarious or Proactive — Which are you?

Lightning Protection Blog Week 116 | October 8, 2015 Summer has ended and Fall is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring has sprung in […]
May 28, 2015
Lightning Safety, Lightning Strike, Maintenance, Inspecition, Engineering, Protection

Lightning Protection: Mind your Ps and Ms — ASAP!

Lightning Protection Blog Week 112 | May 28, 2015 “I’m not kidding!!!” Each year, I start early and remind you all about the spring and the imminent weather […]
April 23, 2015
Electric Power, Lightnig Protection, Utilities, surge protection, grounding

Lightning Protection: The Mysterious Case of Electric Power

  Lightning Protection Blog Week 110 | April 23, 2015 Introduction by the LightningDiva@Large Each year a multitude of electric power facilities are knocked off-line due to lightning. […]