Avram Saunders

Avram Saunders presently serves as the President and CEO of Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC Global), a company based in Boulder, CO specializing in lightning protection and prevention products, solutions and services to over 60 countries crossing several industries. Over the past 35 years Avram Saunders has brought a wealth of business experience to his various endeavors. Mr. Saunders’ versatile background as a lawyer, businessman and entrepreneur has contributed greatly to the projects he has been part of and has enabled success in the management, administration, financial analysis, negotiations, legal processes and review of corporate enterprises, small businesses and government agencies he has worked with.

Graduating in 1977 from Antioch School of Law, Mr. Saunders started his career in Washington D.C. in the government, legal and higher education sectors, working for such agencies as USHEW, the Neighborhood Legal Services Program, USHHS, in addition to being Assistant Dean of Administration at Antioch School of Law. Moving to Colorado in the late 1980’s, he worked as Administrative Officer for the Department of Energy in Denver and began branching out into entrepreneurial endeavors in the 1990s focusing on Educational Resources, Medicine, and Real Estate leading him to his present position at LEC Global.