December 27, 2012
Talking Lightning Protection on Platts Energy Week TV 27 DEC

Talking Lightning Protection on Platts Energy Week TV

Lightning Eliminators sponsored the Platts Global Insight and attended the Platt’s Global Energy Award held in New York City last month as nominees for the Award. While we were […]
December 21, 2012
New Weather Channel Series to include LEC

New Weather Channel Series to include LEC

“Hacking the Planet,” New Series on The Weather Channel, Asks “Can Man Control Mother Nature?” The Weather Channel announced today that it has greenlit “Hacking the Planet,” a new […]
December 20, 2012

Container Shortage Delays One Exporter’s Shipments

Featured in The Journal of Commerce The perennial shortage of containers in the U.S. Midwest is beginning to hamper the export operations of precisely the kind […]
December 13, 2012

When Lightning Strikes

It’s better when it doesn’t By: Peter Carpenter, Director of Applied Engineering at LEC Featured in Mission Critical Magazine When it comes to lightning, data centers, […]
December 9, 2012

When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes | 2012-12-03 | Mission Critical Magazine When it comes to lightning, data centers, as well as all electronics and other mission-critical operations, face […]

Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Systems

All You Need to Know About Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection SystemsIndustry from Lightning Strikes Worldwide for over 44 years. The home of the Dissipation Array System (DAS) and Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA).
Lightening is an unpredictable natural disaster. Around the world, every second approximately 2000 thunderstorms bring about 100 lightning strikes to Earth. NLSI has estimated that in the USA alone, lighting causes more than 26,000 fires and destruction to property worth more than 5 billion dollars in a year. So now, more than ever there is an urgent need to follow strict measures to ensure lighting protection.
A lightning strike can cause numerous threats to any property like shutdown, fire, facility failure, side flashes, loss of products, damage to structure or any electrical appliance in a structure. Installing a digital age lightning protection system can help you eliminate lightning strikes over a protected area altogether.
The expert team of Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) came up with the charge transfer system (CTS). It is based on advanced principles of engineering and physics to avert direct lightning strikes and shield against lightning’s secondary effects. The LEC team developed and patented the charge transfer system (CTS) technology. Since then, it has successfully installed and maintained lightning protection systems (LPS) to protect many of the Global 1000 top companies from the effects of lightning strikes in over 90 countries, and throughout the United States.
Since its inception, lightning rod has been used as a preferred means of lightning protection system. Lightning rods collect lightning charge and have devastating side effects. It is an outdated means of technology and has caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage to sensitive electronics and downtime for major companies. Then why to use old methods of collecting current when you can eliminate lightning charge altogether?
The dedicated team of LEC is known to provide complete and comprehensive lighting protection solutions using their patented technology. In addition, they supplement lightning protection by keeping clients informed of incoming storms, lightning and more.