Lightning Protection: Operations Down and Under!
Lightning Protection: Operations Down and Under!
August 5, 2014
Lightning Protection: A Road Warriors View
Lightning Protection: A Road Warriors View
September 11, 2014
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Week 95 | August 28, 2014

Hello lightning protection enthusiasts. We took a few weeks off from the blog, as we usually do in August, because simply, everyone is away on vacation!  Nobody around to read it.

I thought I would start up again this particular week to prepare for the end of the summer. Sad as that might sound for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere; it is just around the corner. The good news is we still have lots of lightning left, and before we know it our friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be enjoying nature’s light show as well. It is a never-ending source of entertainment. But on the downside, with lightning comes the potential of danger and destruction.

I thought I would write this week about the fact that we tend to admire and revere the thing that we have dedicated ourselves to thwarting. I am not sure how many of you follow us on our Lightning Eliminators Facebook Page or Lightning Eliminators Company page on LinkedIn? I am pretty certain that sometimes a good many of you say to yourselves “do they like lightning or are they trying to eliminate it?” Well, to that I say, there is nothing wrong with admiring something so powerful and truly majestic. We can like it and we can certainly respect lightning while figuring out how to control it all at the same time. It is beautiful. The fact is we manipulate lightning so that it doesn’t strike where we don’t want it to. Or better yet, where you don’t want it to!

In order to prevent lightning from striking within an area of protection we have to understand it and study it.  So yes lightning is great, it is even wonderful.  We post lots of pictures of it from all over the world, just in case you do not believe us that lightning does not discriminate and strikes everywhere and anywhere, even in places where you least expect it.

In addition to the scientific community and educators we work with there are a barrage of storm chasers and extreme whether photographers, such as Destructive Nature and Jack Miller. The more lightning-focused people we work with the more we can learn, see and develop. Knowing and respecting ones nemesis is part of the solution. You can always feel free to send us your lightning photos or stories and we are happy to consider them for the blog.

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Photo by Jack Miller of Jack Miller Photography and Destructive Nature


Several months ago on the Lightning Eliminators’ Facebook page a woman (who shall remain nameless) made the comment one day “You trying to eliminate lightening or just admiring it? I’m a little confused, sorry.”  Well, I wasn’t aware that we could not enjoy lightning (spelt without an ‘e’) in order to provide lightning protection and prevention solutions and education for industry and to the market.  Lightning is why we are all here, isn’t it?  I mean “here” paying attention to lightning protection and prevention posts, education and information.  According to scientist, it is also the reason we are all here to begin with, as I wrote recently in another blog on the Lightning Positives.

While we do post many papers, articles, case studies, solution centric information we also like to honor the culprit that has, for better or worse, made life just a little more awesome as well as difficult.  My blogs, posts and commentary will not always be scientific or educational, they will also be thought provoking.  One can always find our knowledge transfer through our “Resources Page” and through articles and videos in our “Press Room”.  I think that people tend to discount lightning until they get struck by it or feel the consequences of a lightning strike, which is not always optimal. In fact, as I have stated before, be aware, be very aware, because you cannot go back once it strikes and that strike can cost a pretty penny as well as a life.

What you know about lightning and lightning protection can save you and your company from a lot of heartache and severe losses. We offer our Lightning Protection Summit for those who need a better understanding of Lightning as a weather event. We will continue to do extensive research and development when it comes to lightning protection, grounding engineering and surge protection. In addition, we will continue to surround ourselves with others who make lightning and extreme weather their mission in life, because it is ours. And we will continue to post pretty pictures of lightning because they are awesome. The name Lightning Eliminators is not meant to imply eliminating lightning altogether, but the elimination of a it where you don’t want it, in areas that need to be protected against a direct strike through prevention not collection and by taking best- of- breed precautions against lightning’s secondary effects which destroys millions of dollars’ worth of sensitive equipment and electronics each year.

Stay tuned to The Lightning Protection Blog for more lightning and lightning protection knowledge-share from Lightning Eliminators, TheLightningDiva and our associates around the world. Happy end of summer to the global north!

If you have any lightning stories you would like to share with us, positive or negative and/or if you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me at

Be careful out there! Visit for all your lightning protection needs. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more information and updates as well as some great photos. Thank you for visiting!

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Cover Photo:, Marko Korosec 2013


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