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March 25, 2013
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April 11, 2013

Does Your Company Even Consider Lightning Protection? Take Charge of Lightning Before it Takes Charge of Your Company!

Galveston Bay Biodiesel lightning strike explosion Texas City, TX Feb 2012

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The 1st Lightning Protection Summit for Oil and Gas Executives, May 8, 2013 ❘ Houston, TX

The issue of climate change and erratic weather is becoming more prevalent as the age of energy exploration increases. Lightning events are on the rise and are predicted to increase by 50 percent by 2050, becoming more frequent and forceful all over the world. Locations that have not experienced a large amount of lightning in the past will start to do so more often and with larger impact, leaving facilities and companies vulnerable to disasters that could cost millions of dollars. Businesses, especially in the oil and gas industry, cannot afford the loss of assets, downtime and costly damages that lightning can cause. Recently, the Houston Chronicle ran a front-page article exploring the impact lightning has on companies that do not proactively protect against lightning. Jeannie Kever discussed how far lightning protection has come since the Ben Franklin’s lightning rod, the skeptics of the systems and why some companies don’t (and shouldn’t) wait for lightning to strike.

In order to raise more awareness and educate executives on the severity of the issue, Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, LLC is putting on the First Lightning Protection Summit for oil and gas executives. The event will take place at the Petroleum Club of Houston on May 8, 2013. All oil and gas executives such as Director, V.P, SR. V.P., President, GM and C-level are invited to join us for cocktails, dinner, educational presentations and a Q&A session.

Attendees will learn about the effects and impact increased lightning strikes will have across the globe, accompanied with recent research, data and testing provided by Albin J Gasiewski, Ph.D, a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Director, NOAA-CU Center for Environmental Technology, University of Colorado at Boulder.

In addition, oil and gas executives will leave the Summit educated on the most up to date intelligence regarding lightning and the most innovative information about lightning protection best practices and solutions implemented around the world with a nearly perfect success rate. Register now to be a part of the Lightning Protection Summit.

We are excited that Hart Energy and Fuel Magazine will be our media partners for this exclusive event. Hart Energy also puts on monthly Executive Energy breakfasts, which in 2012, were identified as one of the top energy conferences in Houston with over 1,500 participants. These executive breakfasts are meant to encourage and support education, engage Houston locals with industry leaders, unite professionals from diverse facets of the industry and establish relationships with the community through outreach.

For more information email JoOnna Silberman or call 303-951-3158


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