A flash and then, darkness – substations get hit by lightning all the time
July 19, 2012
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August 2, 2012

Lightning Knocks Out News: Weatherman Keeps Going Despite Dark

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Broadcast and communications are easy targets for lightning due to the towers, cables and equipment surrounding their environment. What enables us to exchange information in a nanosecond is also the instrument that is vulnerable to lightning strikes. When  telecommunications hubs, Television and Radio Stations or data centers are shut down for minutes, hours, or even days due to equipment damage or electrical outages from a lightning strike, the results can be very costly and the effects can be long reaching.By Using Some Lightning Protection Products  we protect your facility against lightning threats.

Effects of Lightning Strike

Weather man Todd Gutner is presenting the weather – giving special attention to an active storm front with lightning expected. Then suddenly – the screen goes black, lightning strikes the local TV station in Boston. Undeterred Gutner continues – in the dark. Fairly quickly the audio comes back up with the help of backup generators. “We just took a potent lightning strike, probably right to the rooftop or to our transmitter,” Gutner says as he continues his forecast…in the dark!

Protecting telecommunications facilities with Our lightning protection and prevention products

Don’t let your customers down, protect your facility against lightning threats by using the most up to date technology. Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) is focused on providing broadcast stations, data centers and other telecommunications facilities with lightning protection products and prevention products. LEC ‘s proven technologies which can eliminate the threat of lightning formation from a protected area and protect against the secondary effects of lightning where the facility is not completely protected. If a lightning strike could put a facility out of business, or even out of action for a few minutes, consider whether the cost of preventing all future risks from lightning would not easily offset the cost of installing one of LEC’s lightning elimination systems. It is inexpensive insurance.

LEC’s lightning protection and prevention systems called Dissipation Array® System (DAS®) use patented charge transfer technology which continually reduces the localized electrostatic charge in the atmosphere so that lightning cannot  terminate within the protected area. DAS devices are part of LEC’s Integrated Lightning Solutions that also include surge suppression and grounding systems.

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