Grounding Products and Services

Proper grounding is critical to personnel safety and uninterrupted operations, and serves as the foundation for a complete lightning protection system. For over 35 years we’ve helped companies around the world increase their safety and reliability using a combination of advanced testing services and superior grounding products designed with lightning in mind.

IPE In-Tank Potential Equalizer®

The IPE is made specifically for non-metal and lined tanks in order to combat the problem of internal electrical discharges and the subsequent ignition of the vapors inside tanks. It’s no points design is safer, more economical and corrosion resistant.

RGA® 750 for Floating Roof Tanks

Floating roof tanks are always at risk from fires caused by lightning strikes. The award winning Retractable Grounding Assembly 750 (RGA 750) reduces this risk by creating a low-impedance bond between the roof and shell. The RGA is cost effective, easy to install, and virtually maintenance free.

Chem-Rod® Grounding Electrode

The patented Chem-Rod creates the optimal earth connection with a large conductive surface, electrolytic salts, and specially formulated backfill. Available in a variety of configurations, Chem-Rods help achieve your target resistance using fewer electrodes and less real estate.

Smart Ground® Testing Service

Smart Ground is an advanced ground audit system that produces highly accurate results, even on energized systems. Includes computer modeling, a complete professional analysis to IEEE/IEC standards, and practical recommendations to improve your grounding system.

GAF® Grounding Augmentation Fill®

Low Resistance Backfill for Better Grounding Proper grounding is critical to personnel safety and uninterrupted operations, but local soil conditions often make it difficult to achieve target resistance.

Traditional Testing & More

In addition to our specialized products and services, we offer standard ground testing services, as well as, a full line of ground resistance meters and grounding components available for purchase.

Achieving Complete Protection

We are a full-service firm aligned to solve your most complex challenges in lightning protection, grounding, and surge suppression. Our integrated approach weighs all of the factors affecting your exposure and ensures a solution tailored to your needs and acceptable level of risk.

Additional Components

These components are needed to install or maintain many of our grounding products. We recommend you purchase through us because we can verify that you are purchasing the recommended components for the right grounding product. For ordering information or any questions, please contact us.

Exothermic welding components: Recommended for use when installing and maintaining Chem-Rods and other grounding rods.

Wire and tubing: Needed for assorted maintenance.

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