With over 45 years' experience, LECs consultants, engineers, and integrated services, guarantee expert advice.

With LEC’s unique combination of experienced consultants, engineers and integrated services, you can rely on expert advice backed by over 45 years of experience. LEC’s services have provided lightning, grounding and surge protection solutions throughout multiple industries providing greater safety, savings and efficiency using a proprietary approach to risk reduction. The necessary services are dependent on your company’s requirements. They can be as simple as a technical review or as extensive as a site survey. An LEC sales associate will be able to help you determine what your needs are.

LEC Can Provide

  • Technical and engineering expertise
  • Control cost
  • Ensure safety
  • Enhance functionality
  • Hire labor
  • Supervise crews
  • Subcontract for equipment
  • Turnkey pricing (insurance, permits, project management)
  • Overcome installation obstacles
  • Inspect new installations done by customer provided contractors
  • Maintain existing systems with yearly recertification visits
  • LEC is a member of many safety organizations now required by industry including: ISNetworld, DISA, PICS, and Safeland
  • Our supervisors are trained in antenna and tower climbing, Offshore HUET & Water Safety Survival, and CPR & First Aid
  • TWIC Cards, background checks, visas & immunizations

Step One:


A Technical Review is conducted in house by a solutions specialist, at no cost and is based on photos, drawings and building plans provided by the client, and provides basic recommendations which will enable an initial understanding of what your facility should plan for.

Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety

A Site Evaluation includes an on-site visit by one or more of our sales solution experts. This visit can range from one day to a comprehensive multi-day event for large sites with complex electrical systems. Overall cost is based on the complexity of the site and will generate a ‘scope of work’ which will allow a facility to better understand the dangers and analyze the risk their site faces from lightning’s direct and secondary effects.

Step Two:

Design Study

A Design Study specific to DAS includes our sales and engineering team visiting the site. It provides a more detailed and scientific evaluation of your site’s exposure and options for protection. You will receive a formal report, a strike probability analysis and a transient analysis, as well as risk assessment as per IEC and IEEE. Sometimes this report will include site specific drawings of recommended designs.

Site Survey

Site Survey is conducted after a purchase is made and requires an engineer. It is the final stage in designing a solution tailored to your protection requirements and includes all aspects of Risk analysis and design to produce detailed engineering drawings and system specifications in addition to providing a hands-on approach in the installation process.

Smart Ground® Testing

Smart Ground™ Testing is an advanced ground audit system that produces highly accurate results, even on energized systems. Unlike traditional tests, Smart Ground utilizes sophisticated computer modeling, includes a complete professional analysis to IEEE/IEC standards, and provides practical recommendations to improve your grounding system.

Step Three:


LEC offers supervisory support or full installation services, dependent on the project. Should your company opt to engage a subcontractor or do it yourself, LEC will train the crew while directing installation and certifying applicable warranties. Full Installation is turn-key and LEC provides all equipment, supervision and physical labor to perform the installation.

System Recertification

Yearly recertification is needed to maintain the terms of the no-strike warranty issued with every Dissipation Array® System (DAS®).

The Dissipation Array System (DAS) installed at your facility came with a one (1) year Limited Warranty.The Limited Warranty can be extended for additional 12 month periods upon completion of an inspection and any required repairs.

Recertification Includes

  • An inspection of the LEC Dissipation Array System & grounding connections
  • Minor repairs as needed
  • A system configuration evaluation
  • LEC Chem-Rods are inspected & refilled
  • LEC surge suppressors are inspected & verified to be working properly
  • Panoramic photographs of the site are taken if allowed
  • A report outlining the findings & corrective actions if any is issued to the customer
  • Warranty Certificate reinstating the system warranty is issued if the site meets LEC’s design specifications

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Exxon Mobil Nigeria Hemisphere Assembly 2011

Exxon Mobil Nigeria Hemisphere Assembly 2011

DAS Installation – Nigerian Gas Company, Lagos Industrial Area 2012

DAS Installation – Nigerian Gas Company, Lagos Industrial Area 2012

DAS Hemisphere Array Helicopter Installation – Texaco, Nigeria 2012

DAS Hemisphere Array Helicopter Installation – Texaco, Nigeria 2012

RGA Installation – Tupras, Izmit, Turkey 2013

RGA Installation – Tupras, Izmit, Turkey 2013

DAS Inspection and Maintenance – Mountain Village Ski Resort, Telluride, CO 2012

DAS Inspection and Maintenance – Mountain Village Ski Resort, Telluride, CO 2012

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