Lightning Protection

LEC's Lightning Protection systems are engineered to prevent lightning from striking inside of a protected area.

Lightning Protection Products

For over 40 years Lightning Eliminators has successfully assisted companies across multiple industries and around the world in reducing risk, saving money and increasing reliability using a unique and highly effective approach to lightning protection. Unlike traditional devices that rely on strike collection as the first and only line of defense, our systems are engineered to prevent lightning from striking inside of a protected area.

Dissipation Array® System (DAS®)

The patented Dissipation Array System has a 99.87% effectiveness and eliminates the threat of lightning strike formation within a protected area by using charge transfer technology to keep the electrical field below lightning potential. The DAS is a custom-engineered system protecting over 3000 sites around the world.

Spline Ball Ionizer® (SBI®)

The Spline Ball Ionizer is UL listed and used to supplement DAS, and/or for structures that require lightweight protection with a low wind profile. When used as primary protection the SBI acts as a hybrid ionizer/air terminal, preventing most strikes and collecting any it cannot prevent.

Spline Ball Terminal® (SBT®)

The Spline Ball Terminal replaces standard lightning rods in new or existing NFPA 780 or UL 96A installations. Like the SBI, the SBT reduces the risk of direct strikes in its primary mode and acts as a highly efficient air terminal in secondary mode.

Streamer Delaying Air Terminal (SDAT)

The LEC SDAT from Lightning Eliminators offers an inexpensive alternative to standard air terminals for new or existing lightning protection systems. Unlike traditional lightning rods which are designed only to collect strikes, the LEC SDAT is designed to delay upward streamer generation, reduce the risk of direct strikes, and function as a highly efficient air terminal.

Ion Plasma Generator® (IPG®)

For specialized applications like wind turbines and T&D systems, the Ion Plasma Generator is the most effective air terminal available. The IPG is used to create a preferred collection point in cases where strike prevention is less feasible.

Achieving Complete Protection

We are a full service firm aligned to solve your most complex challenges in lightning protection, grounding, and surge suppression. Our integrated approach weighs all of the factors affecting your exposure and ensures a solution tailored to your needs and acceptable level of risk.

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