April 18, 2022

Why & When to Install a Lightning Protection System

Why and When to Install A Lightning Protection System Strikes, strokes, flashes and bolts, thunder or lightning, all refer to the same occurrence, and are often […]
March 29, 2022

Modern Lightning Protection

  Modern Lightning Protection Design Systems Experience is everything and we have 50 years of proof! Lightning is one of the most powerful and destructive natural […]
March 29, 2022

Build a Power Lightning Protection System

 Build a Power Lightning Protection System. A direct lightning strike can cause severe damage to a building’s structure, and its internal electronic systems, putting lives at […]
February 23, 2022

5 Steps to Complete Lightning Protection

From technical review to an extensive site survey; LEC engineers will be able to help you determine the most effective lightning protection system for your facility. […]
February 23, 2022

History of Bypass Conductors

LEC created the bypass conductor industry in 1999. Our founder, Roy Carpenter holds 2 US patents on our bypass conductor, the Retractable Grounding Assembly, or RGA. […]