Brian Daugherty

Phone: 303-951-3159
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Mr. Daugherty joined LEC in 1978 (then known as LEA) and worked in manufacturing and engineering while receiving his electrical engineering education at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California.

Leaving the company in 1985, Mr. Daugherty’s career included various technical sales and marketing positions in the power conversion industry, including the application of protective designs for communications, power and instrumentation systems.

Mr. Daugherty returned to LEC in 2005, and has been responsible for applying his expertise in the design and implementation of many lightning protection, grounding, and power quality and data/communications protection systems for numerous Fortune 100 Companies across all industry segments. Mr. Daugherty has conducted numerous site inspections, surveys and grounding tests for industrial and commercial facilities. This work has given him an excellent understanding and the ability to analyze a host of weather and manmade anomalies as they affect and relate to electricity and electronics. His 34 years for experience (14 years with LEC) have made him valuable as a field consultant and able to present seminars and training in all areas of lightning protection, grounding systems and transient voltage surge protection. He has experience in risk assessment and total facility protection for a broad group of industry segments including petroleum & chemical refining & storage, power generation & distribution, water treatment, industrial manufacturing facilities, data & computer facilities, airport, and communications & uplink facilities.

Mr. Daugherty lives in Longmont, Colorado with his wife Tanya and their children Andrew and Taylor. In his spare time he enjoys playing and collecting guitars, and fly fishing.