Streamer Delaying Air Terminal Technology

The LEC SDAT from Lightning Eliminators offers an inexpensive alternative to standard air terminals for new or existing lightning protection systems.

Unlike traditional lightning rods which are designed only to collect strikes, the LEC SDAT is designed to delay upward streamer generation, reduce the risk of direct strikes, and function as a highly efficient air terminal.

Hybrid Protection

In its first mode, prevention, or second - mode protection, the LEC SDAT lowers the risk of direct strikes through a phenomenon known as charge transfer, where a well-grounded set of points exchanges ions between the air and earth. This ionization capability helps keep the local electric field low and reduces the likelihood of a lightning strike and/or delays the upward streamer generation.

During intense storm activity, the LEC SDAT functions as a highly effective air terminal, safely collecting any strikes it cannot prevent.

The LEC SDAT is an off-the-shelf product that mounts easily in existing hardware, offering a simple and inexpensive way to improve the performance of standards-based systems and is compliant for use in any NFPA 780 installation.

The LEC SDAT Advantage

• Hybrid protection
• Easy installation
• Stainless steel points
• Aluminum & copper shaft options
• Multiple length options
• Lightweight, low wind profile
• Minimizes risk to property and personnel

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Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection