Additional LEC Testimonials

Tri-State Electric

"Since installation of the DAS system we have had no losses or down time related to lightning damage. History of the station shows many down times but now with lightning protection systems none. Thank you for this technology."

Jerry Coufal
Network Operations Supervisor, Tri-State Electric

CSX Railroad

"In our high (100) lightning days per year area, strikes are continually happening all around us.

We have had no shutdowns related to lightning damage since installation and a significant reduction in maintenance."

John Mangum,
Director and Systems Engineer CSX


"We have not sustained any telecommunication equipment damage for those sites that have LEC systems.

This lightning protection design has proven its value far beyond its initial cost"

R.F. Heinschel, Sr.
Systems Engineer & Supervisor, Chevron

Federal Express

"We’re protecting the life and safety of our personnel, we’re protecting our assets, and we’re preventing service disruption for our customers. We’ve had very good results… which have been well worth the money."

"As far as I'm concerned, LEC lightning protection products are standard equipment when we put in a new facility where there's a high incidence of lightning strikes and lightning damage."

Larry Marsh,
P.E., Project Manager, Federal Express

Mobil Oil - Beaumont Refinery

“Prior to October 1979 we experienced many unit outages due primarily to lightning damage on or around the unit.

Since installing LEC lightning protection products we have not experienced any unplanned outages due to lightning damage."

Scott McCauley
Plant Engineer, Mobil Oil


"Since installing LEC's lightning surge protection systems we have reduced substation high-voltage losses to zero, and secondary electronics losses by more than 80%. No lightning strikes, lightning damage or shutdowns."

We saved over $1 million since installing the DAS."

Lee Ayers,
Systems Engineer, MCEC

Telecom Malaysia

"Since the installation of the (DAS) lightning protection systems we have had no losses or down time related to lightning strikes or lightning damage. History of the station shows many down times before the lightning protection systems installed, with none now. Thank you for this technology."

Annuar Ramli,
R&D Division, TM

Ontario Hydro Nuclear Station

"We have had no lightning damage at all since the first part of the system was installed on our vacuum building in the summer of 1996. Previously we had several lightning strikes per year resulting in severe lightning damage."

L. Van Wormer,
Engineer Ontario Hydro Nuclear Station

Turner Broadcasting

"We have reduced electronic systems maintenance by over 85% since installing the DAS lightning protection systems 12 years ago. We now specify DAS for all building projects. "

Jack Barr,
VP Engineering Turner Broadcasting


"Five different sites located through the gas pipeline in Mexico have used DAS lightning protection designs. We can draw the conclusion that the system is performing as specified and preventing strikes and lightning damage to the protected areas. "

V. L. Perez,
Systems Engineer PEMEX

LMC Satcom

"Since installing a DAS lightning protection systems at our remote facility we have virtually eliminated electrical maintenance on all attached systems, including computers.

"We stay up and running even in severe storms."

Adam Grow III,
Director of Engineering, P.E. LMC Stacom

Fidelity Information Systems

"Since the installation of lightning protection systems in 1992 not a single power problem has been attributed to lightning. Additionally, maintenance and system repairs have been responded to efficiently and professionally." "

Frederic C. Parvey,
Senior VP Fidelity Information Systems

Browns Ferry Nuclear, TVA

""The result [of DAS] lightning protection products there have been no known strikes or lightning damage to the off-gas stack in almost ten years.

'Instead of using our resources to repair broken equipment and pay emergency overtime, we're preventing the problem in the first place."

Rick Brehm,
Senior Engineer Browns Ferry Nuclear, TVA

Devils Head Lookout Station

"Our ranger station is at 10,000 ft. elevation, with a metal roof. The building was struck directly many times each season... We came to LEC to solve a Lightning Protection problem that everyone else said could not be solved."

"We have had no direct strikes since the DAS installation."

Henry Goehle,
USFS Site Ranger Devils Head Lookout Station


"Thank you for your system. Prior to its installation we had suffered several lightning strikes, the most serious was to our FM transmitter on Lookout Mountain." "

"Since we’ve used your lightning protection system, we have had no problems whatsoever!"

Al Perry,
Station Manager KOSI FM

Entergy - We Power Life

"Our utilities operate in a high lightning area. It would appear that Lightning Eliminators charge transfer devices are effective… based on our long-standing operational experience."

"Since we’ve used your lightning protection system, we have had no problems whatsoever!"

Jack Barr,
VP Engineering Entergy

Alltel Information Services

"The DAS lightning protection system is installed at our facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to the installation, our facility was plagued with electrical problems related to the high frequency and intensity of lightning storms in this area."

"Since the installation in 1992 not a single power problem has been attributed to lightning."

Frederic C. Parvey,
Senior Vice President Fidelity/Alltel

Auburndale Power Partners

"The shutdowns we had due to lightning activity in this area of Florida were costing us considerable money each year."

"Since installing the DAS lightning protection system we have saved $100,000 in the first year alone. The DAS system has more than paid for itself and the rest goes to the bottom line. We are now specifying DAS for our planned expansion.”

Glen Weigle,
Plant Engineer Auberndale Power Partners

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

"“The end may be near for the two hundred year old method of using Franklin rods to collect, control and convey to earth the awesome and destructive power of lightning.”

"The charge transfer system of preventing lightning strikes to the protected area is a valid concept and will replace the Franklin rod method.”

Donald W. Zipse,
P.E., Life Fellow IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers