Reliable Lightning Strike Collection

The patented Ion Plasma Generator is a highly effective air terminal engineered for applications where lightning prevention is not practical, but that still require reliable protection from direct strikes.

When Lightning Strikes

In order for lightning to reach earth, the electrical field between the storm cloud and ground must grow strong enough to overcome the insulating effect of the air between them. When this happens, a downward leader extends from the cloud in ‘steps’ that take a random path until reaching a point of discrimination. Any object in the vicinity without proper protection may then become part of the lightning strike’s final path to earth.

The IPG Solution

During lightning conditions, the IPG acts as the most attractive object in the protected area by using the storm’s energy to develop a dense corona plasma. As the electrical field grows, this highlycharged corona becomes more attractive, drawing strikes safely to the IPG and preventing damage to valuable assets.

Unlike traditional collectors that often fail to exert enough attractive influence on approaching strikes, the IPG’s materials and construction are optimized for maximum risk reduction in a cost effective and durable design.


  • Wind Turbines
  • T&D Systems
  • Mining Operations
  • Parking Structures

IPG® Product Overview
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Lightning Protection
The IPG ® is a Patented Product and a registered trademark of Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. in the United States of America.
Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection