Kirk S. Chynoweth

Phone: 303-447-2828

Kirk Chynoweth joined LEC as a Project Engineer in 2004 and quickly rose to the title of Systems Engineering Manager.  Presently Mr. Chynoweth is in the process of transitioning into the role of Director of Engineering which will be complete by September of 2013 upon the retirement of LEC’s longtime Chief Engineer, Darwin N. Sletten, P.E.  Along with overseeing the Systems design group, his responsibilities include analyzing and designing structural systems to withstand wind, ice, vibration, gravity and other imposed loads on equipment.  These considerations include the surfaces to which systems are secured, and the integration of all facets of the protections systems engineering. During his time with LEC he has been successful in the integration of protection systems engineering into several major petrochemical facility projects with major players of those in the petrochemical community.

As a Mechanical Engineer with a background in forensic engineering and R&D, Kirk possesses a comprehensive outlook for the types of problems that must be solved to achieve a successful lightning protection design.  He works closely with the client and his staff to ensure that the client’s requirements and needs are met with the designed system product.

Mr. Chynoweth holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado and is currently registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Colorado.  He attended and completed a UL96A Lightning Protection Installation Standard Review class and has designed lightning protection systems to both UL96A and NFPA 780 for several clients. Among his engineering interests are lightning protection, structural design, and project management.