Peter A. Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter has over 26 years’ experience in electronic engineering and lightning protection.

Since 1988, Mr. Carpenter has been the Director of Applied Engineering at Lightning Eliminators and Consultants.  Part of Mr. Carpenter’s responsibilities have been applying his expertise in site surveys and analysis.  As a consultant, Mr. Carpenter has assisted in numerous field evaluations to solve past bonding, grounding, power conditioning, and lightning-related electronic failures.

Mr. Carpenter has presented a number of technical papers throughout the U.S. on the results of his and LEC’s tests and studies.  These papers were presented to chapters of the IEEE, SBE, utilities conferences, professional engineering bodies, and other engineering concerns.  Mr. Carpenter is a member of NFPA and IEEE and is currently on the NFPA 780 Committee.

Mr. Carpenter has also conducted numerous site inspections and surveys as a conslutant for industrial and commercial facilities for the purposes of evaluating lightning protection, grounding and surge suppression systems.  These site inspections have included chemical production plants, refineries, data centers, power generating stations, substations and airports.

Mr. Carpenter received his electrical engineering education at Cerritos College, Norwalk, California.