Shawn McTigue

There is a fine line between ambitious entrepreneurialism and adrenaline addiction. As an extraordinarily effective multi-tasking professional, Shawn McTigue has a lengthy track-record of not only accepting tough challenges, but conquering them with ease.

When her husband asked her to help start a business from scratch with 3 young kids at home, she said “OK, no problem”. From 1993 until 2004, she wore many hats and juggled a myriad of responsibilities while raising a family and growing their business from nothing to a $3M per year enterprise. For most people, that would be enough work and excitement for a while. Not for Shawn.

She then went on to manage 6 separate franchise locations for Regis Corporation. That must not have been exciting enough, because she then went on to join an 80-year old family-owned legacy business in the agriculture industry. What were the results? Working for both the Sales Manager and the CEO, she played a key role in increasing sales by 75% and EBITDA by 90% in 6 years. Not bad considering she also had teenagers in high school during that time. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Shawn graduated from Natrona County High School in Casper, WY and has proudly called Colorado home for the past 25 years. Now that her kids are grown, she has taken up some new hobbies. Needlepoint? Bird watching? Crossword puzzles? Only in her spare time between elk hunting season and target practice.

In her career, Shawn has successfully established a start-up, managed franchises for a large corporation, and rapidly grown and evolved an 80-year old family business. Now she is part of the management team at Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, promoting our patented lightning protection products to a wide array of diverse industries in addition to balancing all of the logistics responsibilities. It will be quite a challenge – welcome, and good luck!