Surge protection devices for all of your critical applications, backed with expert consulting and support.

Lightning and other transients can easily damage or destroy sensitive electronics, causing expensive downtime and repairs. Lightning Eliminators offers a full line of surge protection devices for all of your critical applications, backed with expert consulting and support.

AC Power Protection

  • Facility Guard: UL listed protection for service entrance and subpanel applications. Designed for industrial and commercial use with a peak surge capacity of up to 400,000 amps per phase.
  • Transient Limiters: ( TLX100 and TLX50 ) Nipple-mounted protection in a range of voltages and configurations for light industrial, commercial, and home use. UL listed, with up to 100,000 amps of protection per phase.
  • Power DIN: UL listed protection for cabinet and control instrumentation with easy DIN rail installation. Individually fused MOVs provide 40,000 amps of protection for sensitive electronics.
  • Pro-Line: Combined protection for AC power, communications and coaxial lines in a durable power strip. UL listed with over 85,000 amps of protection.

Signal Line and DC Power Protection

  • Data Line Protectors: State-of-the-art series/ hybrid surge suppression for low voltage data lines, available in a range of configurations for telecom lines, control lines, and more.
  • Transient Limiter: ( TLX50DC ) Nipple-Mounted Surge Protector for DC photovoltaic applications provides 50,000 amps of protection in all modes and a wide variety of voltages and configurations for any application: industrial, commercial, or residential. Can be installed upstream or downstream of main disconnect.
  • Coaxial Line Protectors: Patented gas tube protection for all types of coaxial line applications including antennas, microwaves, broadband, cellular systems, and GPS equipment.
  • Transient Eliminators: Series/hybrid protection for telecom, LAN, and IBM applications. Up to 5400 watts of protection for low-voltage lines in a compact, modular design with low insertion loss.
  • DC Surge Protector: Protects against fast-rising transients and slower, high-energy impulses. Up to 10,000 amps of protection in a range of voltages for all DC applications.

Achieving Complete Protection

We are a full-service firm aligned to solve your most complex challenges in lightning protection, grounding, and surge suppression.

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surge protection devices
surge protection devices

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surge protection devices


surge protection devices

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