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December 27, 2021
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January 21, 2022

LEC is a Fully Integrated Lightning Protection Provider

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Lightning Eliminators is A Fully Integrated Lightning Protection Solution Provider

The simplest way to think of a lightning strike would be as a short circuit between the cloud and the earth. The earth and an active thundercloud have either a positive or negative polarity with respect to each other, just like battery connections that can arc, if they are not separated by a long enough air gap.

Engineered to integrate with any building Tower, tank, stack or other structure, LEC is a fully integrated lightning protection solution provider, offering a patented set of solutions to mitigate lightning strikes.

Our systems use multiple technologies to redirect and dissipate lightning strikes.

Some designs use streamer delaying air terminals to collect strikes when charge transfer capacity is exceeded by the dissipation requirements of the Dissipation Array System.

DAS uses the principle of point discharge to facilitate the dissipation. The purpose of charge dissipation products is to reduce the accumulation of electric charge and thereby prevent an electric arc that can cause damage. This is accomplished by ionizing surrounding air and neutralizing accumulated charges on the earth’s surface, including the grounding system.

Dissipation Array Features:

  • Maximum lightning protection
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Improved reliability

Our “no strike” warranty ensures complete protection on all LEC supervised installations

Can be tailored and integrated with any building, tower, tank, and other structure

We offer holistic services that include system design, product specifications, product manufacturing, technical support, installation, and site testing.

LEC’s protection design and engineering team can produce complete lightning protection and grounding layout for any type of structure using the latest CAD software.

Our estimates are detailed to list out all inclusion and exclusions and each estimate adheres to all required specifications.

Even before the estimates are submitted we understand the electrical specification and relevant architectural drawings of your facility. Then with the backing of our experienced lightning protection design team, we send drawings, bill of materials required, installation, testing and commissioning estimates.

Lightning protection is necessary across the world, and we provide lightning protection and prevention products, solutions and services built on US and International standards.


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