Lightning Protection: Chasing the Storm...
Lightning Protection: Chasing the Storm…
February 12, 2015
Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection: Take the Survey and you could win big!
March 26, 2015

Lightning Protection: The RGA® 750 – A New Era Has Begun!

Lightning Protection: The RGA® 750 - A New Era Has Begun!
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Week 107 | February 26, 2015

Hello All, you may have noticed I am posting every other week now. Apologies, but so much going on and so little time to get it done — eeK!  One of the reasons I have been lax in my blogging duties is because we are getting ready for a product launch which I am truly excited to tell you about. I try not to do sales oriented blogs as those of you who follow me well know. However, since there is a lot of new technology tied to this one, I thought it was worth a blog. I hope you don’t mind? I have also included a paper with it, which will give you some intellectual stimulation.

Being the innovators of cutting edge technology gives a company the inside edge, experience, time and insight necessary to make it better. When we invented the Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA®) at the beginning of the new millennium, it was received with accolades. Once patented in 2006 it became an award winning product. Over the past 16 years with the advent of new materials, liquids and challenges in the storage of volatile liquids, as well as growth within the oil and gas industry it became clear that we needed to grow and change with the times and environments. With input from our customers, our engineers and scientists Lightning Eliminators has taken all into account and has been able to optimize the RGA to better fit the needs of the consumer and industries they serve.

The original RGA® 75 and RGA® 55 models will soon be a thing of the past. Although stellar products, which have absolutely no issues and are happily working throughout the world, the new era of RGA is here. Coming this June, Lightning Eliminators will release its new RGA® 750.

What’s Different about the RGA® 750?

  • One size fits all.
  • Designed with stronger springs to retract the cable, resulting in an average increase in retraction force over the entire cable payout range of 340% over the RGA 75 and 600% over the RGA 55.
  • Employs aluminum cable originally developed for marine use which will greatly improve corrosion resistance and is highly resistant to hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
  • Pre-tensioned at the factory, reducing the complexity and time required to install the unit.
  • Weighs less due to the use of aluminum cable

Recently our Director of Engineering, Kirk Chynoweth outlined the enhancements of the RGA 750 in a technical paper called “Improved RGA for Floating Roof Tank Lightning Protection”.  Here is an excerpt from the paper:

“Electrical Cables in a Hydrocarbon Storage Environment”

“Electrical bonding cables in an FRT storing volatile petroleum products must offer low resistance and sufficient longevity in a harsh environment. While bare copper provides a very low electrical resistance, it is susceptible to corrosive attack from the stored product, any released vapors, natural atmospheric elements such as chlorides and complex combinations of all of the above.

Petroleum products inherently and naturally contain sulfur, either bonded to carbon atoms or in the form of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. Natural gas itself may contain up to 90% H2S. The amount of sulfur found in crude oil determines whether the oil is classified as “sweet” or “sour”. By definition, sweet crude oil contains less than 0.5% sulfur, while sour crude contains more than 0.5% and will have a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas. H2S is a colorless, highly toxic and corrosive gas which smells like rotten eggs at lower concentrations. It may escape past an aging or poorly maintained seal, and can accumulate in the semi-confined space formed by the foam dam and tank shell as the gas is heavier than air.”

To read more Download the Paper Now

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New Product Development is Imperative!
It is important for companies who are in the business of safety to evolve with the industries and times they serve. When a company does not invest in R & D and develop advanced products to its customers they are doing a disservice to the marketplace.  As technologies and industries change, so must the products that protect them.

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