3 Frequently Asked Questions on Lightning Protection Systems
February 20, 2018
The Best Lightning Rod Protection Technology
February 20, 2018

Lightning Protection – A Necessity For Every Industry

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It’s a given, lightning can strike industrial buildings


As a leading specialist in lightning protection, LEC offers comprehensive, customized solutions to industrial, commercial and government facilities.

Our lighting protection system does not attract a lightning strike. Rather, it prevents the occurrence of a lightning strike. And in case of a direct lightning strike, if any electrical discharge does get through, our system provides a specified pathway on which lighting can travel and ground itself to earth. This double lighting protection leaves the structure, its occupants, and materials unharmed.

To guarantee the safety of your workers and timely and correct functioning of your equipment, we offer the following services.




Based on photos, drawings and building plans provided by you, we conduct an in-house technical review free of cost. This review will enable you to understand what your facility should plan for.

Even an on-site evaluation is possible. This work will allow you to better understand the dangers and then analyze the risk to finally take an informed decision. The overall cost is based on the complexities of the site and could range from one day to a multi-day event for larger sites.


Lightning Protection Design


A customized, full lightning protection solution in the form of a formal report is provided. This report and risk assessment is as per IEC and IEEE and can also include a site-specific drawing for recommended design.

Further, a detailed engineering drawing and system specification with installation process are produced and another site survey is conducted by our lightning safety engineers.

Smart ground testing is a vital part of our design service, wherein a ground audit takes place in accordance with national and international standards. This produces highly accurate results, enabling us to deliver practical solutions.




At LEC we provide all equipment, supervision and physical labor to ensure that the installation is performed in accordance with the set quality standards. Good news is we provide a ‘no strike’ warranty which needs to be maintained with yearly recertification.




An impartial third party inspection may also be carried out to ensure all lighting protection process is adapted to the set regulation and standards. Complying with these regulations is often a requirement of insurance companies.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. has been at the forefront of lightning protection system and we have years of experience to undertake a wide range of lighting protection strategies.

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