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New Weather Channel Series to include LEC
December 21, 2012
Avram Saunders Interviewed by Platts TV in New York
December 28, 2012

Talking Lightning Protection on Platts Energy Week TV

Talking Lightning Protection on Platts Energy Week TV
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Lightning Eliminators sponsored the Platts Global Insight and attended the Platt’s Global Energy Award held in New York City last month as nominees for the Award. While we were there we met with leaders from around the energy industry and our CEO, Avram Saunders, had a chance to discuss lightning protection with Platts Energy Week TV and its host, Bill Loveless.

Saunders’ interview aired on Sunday and is also available online at Loveless is one of the nation’s most experienced energy policy reporters, a background that brought a new angle to the discussion of protecting the nation’s energy supply from lightning-related incidents.

Lightning protection has become such a critical issue in ensuring the continued productivity and profitability for oil and gas drillers and refineries, nuclear power generators and utilities. Even oil tanks and floating roof petroleum storage tanks (FRTs) can be protected from lightning using LEC’s RGA ™ solution. Working in over 60 countries and throughout the United States, LEC has implemented its proprietary DAS ™ solutions and RGA ™  solutions across many industries including Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Biochemical, Information Technologies, Nuclear Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing.

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Platts TV Interview



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