Lightning strikes in our ‘back yard’
June 12, 2012
Lightning strikes on the rise – and on track for more in the future!
July 9, 2012

This week is Lightning Safety & Awareness & week!

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Monday marked the beginning of the 11th annual Lightning Safety Awareness Week administered by the National Weather Service (NWS). This year’s safety awareness message focuses on avoiding the threat of lightning all together.

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, in 2008 the cost of lightning damage and related losses exceeded $5 billion. In addition, both Lloyd’s and the Insurance Information Institute reported a 15% increase in lightning-related losses from 2009 to 2010. Another study by the Association of British Insurers, 2007 predicts that in places like the UK between 2040 – 2060 lighting will increase by 50%. In addition, there is significant research to show that climate change and global warming are having an impact on increased lightning activity throughout the world.

When thunder roars, go indoors!

The best way to protect yourself is seeking safe shelter long before lightning is close by. Substantial buildings or hard top vehicles are both safe shelter options according to the NWS.

Lightning strikes are among the top three storm-killers in the United States.  In 2011, there were 26 reported deaths caused by lightning. Luckily this number is on the decline from previous years, bearing witness to the importance of lightning safety and awareness.

Even then you might get hurt

Lightning and storms are unpredictable. Even when seeking shelter you can feel the effects of lightning. Lightning does not discriminate and it does strike twice in the same place. Risk Mitigation and knowing what to do are the best course of action.

Yesterday in Boulder, 5 fires were started by lightning in 10 minutes in addition to several lightning-started fires already burning in the state.

In Connecticut 15 people were struck by lightning at a Golf Course and another woman was rushed to the hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Understanding lightning safety best practices are essential for communities, entire industries, and agencies when protecting individuals as well as facilities and entire areas. Implementation of primary and secondary lightning protection, including grounding and surge protection solutions are sure safeguards. Learn, plan, protect and prevent against catastrophe. Knowing what you need and how to protect is the best way to start.

Protecting people and assets

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc (LEC) is dedicated to providing integrated lightning prevention and lightning protection products, solutions and services by utilizing innovative patented charge transfer technology, grounding systems engineering, surge protection design, and providing comprehensive consulting services based on physics and state of the art engineering principles.

LEC studied the problems associated with lightning and designed a charge transfer system that utilizes the point discharge phenomenon that worked so well a full no-strike warranty is issued to each and every client who purchases a system. Over time, the success ratio or reliability of the charge transfer point discharge system stands at 99.85%, with over 60,000 system years of data on over 3,000 installed systems.

Lightning Protection

Working in over 60 countries and throughout the United States, LEC has implemented its proprietary DAS ™ solutions in addition to RGA ™  solutions for floating roof tanks across many industries like Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Biochemical, Information Technologies, Nuclear Energy, Utilities and Manufacturing. LEC has worked with corporations, communities, governments and organizations worldwide.

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