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Are Power Surge Protectors Worth the Investment?

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Lightning Surge Protection Devices — We recently came across a great blog on Surge Protectors by LASTLY. We’ve summarized the content below. For the full article click here,


With more than 100 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes hitting the earth’s surface per second, Power Surge Protectors play a very critical role in the protection of vital business equipment – from computers to production machinery – from the effects of power surges and can help save money that would have otherwise been spent in repairs and replacement of damaged equipment.

Power Surges and power fluctuations can disrupt software, delete data and destroy circuitry meant to handle a mere 120 volts. For businesses, this can mean downtime, lost income, the expense of replacing equipment or even a fire caused by overloaded power strips and electric panels.

What to look for when purchasing lightning surge protection devices (surge suppressors and protectors).

UL 11449 rating – Make sure protectors conform to UL certified safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratories.

Clamping Voltage – When it comes to the maximum voltage a protector will pass to your equipment – less is better. UL considers 330 volts a minimum, but closer to 120 volts is safer.

Response times – A device should be able to detect a power surge within a few nano or pico seconds.

400 Joules or above – When it comes to the maximum energy your protection equipment can handle, you’ll want a rating of 400 Joules or above.

Alarm lights – Devices should have alarm lights that indicate when they are functioning and when they need to be replaced.

Packaging and receipts – Most devices come with some amount of equipment coverage, but you will need to present the original sales receipt and product packaging.

Wrap Up

Damage resulting from power surges is costing businesses millions of dollars every year. An investment in Lightning Surge Protection Devices, while not a 100 percent foolproof protection, can save you a lot and pay for itself through time.

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