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Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) is dedicated to providing integrated lightning protection and lightning prevention products, solutions and services. In association with grounding systems engineering, testing and surge protection design LEC utilizes innovative patented charge transfer technology, providing comprehensive and integral consulting, assessment and design. All work-product is based on state of the art engineering principles and physics which has enabled LEC to successfully install and maintain lightning protection systems (LPS) and solutions that divert direct lightning strikes and protect against lightning’s secondary effects in over 70 countries, and throughout the United States for over 41 years. To learn more visit “About Lightning Protection”

Lightning Protection
Unlike lightning Rods & ESE's which rely on collecting a strike and inviting into your facility, LEC products deter the strike from forming within the area you need protected and avoid the risk altogether.

Critical for personal safety, sustainability, and continuous operations proper grounding serves as the foundation for a complete lightning protection solution reducing risk and optimizing performance.

Lightning Protection
Lightning and other transients can easily damage or destroy sensitive electronics, causing expensive downtime and repairs. LEC surge protects protect against accelerated 'mean time to failure' and more.

Lightning Protection
LEC offers a wide range of services employing the expertise of our engineers and consultants including maintenance, inspection, recertification, installation, design and planning, testing, training and more.

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