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January 2, 2018
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January 11, 2018

A Good Grounding Rod To Safeguard Your Electrical Assets

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grounding rod

Grounding Rod Is The Best Protection You Can Give Your building

Electricity has provided countless benefits to people and we are continuously making remarkable discoveries in the field.  But unless we have truly grounded our electrical system we are taking a very large risk. In event of a direct lightning strike or power surge, a high voltage electricity will be produced. With an effective lightning protection and grounding rod system in place, all the excess electricity will be diverted to the earth, thereby saving your sensitive electronics.

grounding rod

Grounding rods electrical work is a necessary and smart move

One of the primary components in dissipating the static discharge to earth is a grounding rod. Lightning Eliminator & Consultant Inc, has manufactured and patented CHEM grounding rod. This component is most effective when installed as a part of the total Lightning protection system.

Some characteristics of the grounding rod are:

  • Good electrical conductivity
  • It’s is capable of withstanding available electrical fault currents
  • Has a long life
  • Provides a low impedance ground with four times more surface area than traditional grounding rods
  • Used in conjunction with backfills and electrolytic salts, the CHEM grounding rod improves the surrounding soil resistivity
  • It can easily replace multiple conventional ground rods
  • It’s an easy installation that can dissipate lightning energy and transient overvoltage
  • Every CHEM grounding rod comes with a standard removable cap for easy refill of ground salt charge
  • They reduce the risk of downtime, personal injury and equipment losses costing millions
  • CHEM grounding rods are made from highest grade raw materials
  • Advanced technology applied
  • Compliance with national and international safety standards
  • Lower overall cost and improves protection
  • Is ideal even for areas with limited earth available for grounding

grounding rod

LEC has gained years of experience by solving grounding problems for various industries. Petrochemical, LNG, nuclear facilities, data center, process control and many other industries are benefiting from the superior results achieved by these CHEM grounding rods.

We are a full-service firm offering:

  • Risk assessment service
  • Soil resistance measurement
  • Lightning damage root cause analysis and shielding recommendation
  • Design and supply of structural lightning protection system, grounding, bonding and surge protection products.
  • Expert consulting, engineering and support

For any query, feel free to contact us.

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