How to Prevent Lightning Strikes with LEC
March 15, 2021
Lightning Protection
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May 26, 2021

Lightning Prevention at Lansing Board of Water & Light

Lightning Prevention
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Lansing Board of Water & Light 1201 S Washington Ave | Lansing, MI 48910

LEC is in process of implementing a new DAS project for Lansing Board of Water & Light. The Delta Energy Park is a 250MW natural gas-fired, combined cycle power plant. It will be located adjacent to the existing Erickson Power Station in Lansing and will immediately replace the decommissioned Eckert Power Station (coal-fired plant closed in 2020) and will eventually replace the Erickson Plant when it is decommissioned around 2025. LEC to provide engineering, materials and installation supervision for the Delta Energy Park project.

Previously, LEC has done a DAS installation at the Erickson Power Station (160MW coal-fired plant) in 1994, and another DAS stack array there in 2004.

In addition, LEC did a DAS installation at the BESOC (Brush Electric Operation Center) in Lansing in 1997. This center controls all of LBWL’s transmission and distribution systems.

These sites are all inspected annually under LEC’s DAS Recertification Program and have had zero lightning incidents.

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