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January 21, 2022
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February 23, 2022

Lightning Protection for Water Treatment Plants

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Lightning Protection Design – Solutions For Water Treatment Plants

Protection, identification, and management of electrical power risks are of primary concern to any company associated with critical infrastructure such as Water treatment plants.

Any points of failure can bring about large consequences at the operational level. Securing essential services is a unique challenge for organizations responsible for mission critical operations.

Due to vast surface areas and exposure to their sites, water and wastewater treatment plants are particularly exposed to lightning risks.

Lightning strikes are a major risk component, because of the direct effect of lightning on the structure (external lightning protection installation), and because of the over voltages on the facility (internal lightning surge protection).

The consequences of lightning on treatment plants can have repercussions on all types of equipment.

Overvoltage will directly affect instrumentation and remote management devices as well as PLCs.

The Lightning protection design for these facilities involves all types of structures, i.e. pumping stations, treatment plants, storage, transportation and distribution.

A well designed, functioning Lightning Protection System (LPS) is the prerequisite for protecting people and equipment from dangerously high voltages and for safe operations.

Solution guide for Water Treatment Lightning Protection Design

  1. To ensure maximum technical and economic protection, the area to be protected is subdivided into lightning protection zones (LPZ).  Subsequently a risk analysis is carried out for each LPZ and the relevant types of potential damage. The mutual dependency of each LPZ is then examined and the required structural lightning protection design measures are defined to reach the necessary protection goals.
  2. Bonding and Grounding – when grounding a structure, the idea is to get the lightning energy off the structure and into earth as quickly as possible. This is best done by providing multiple, low impedance paths to ground.
  3. Surge Protection Devices – static electricity and power surges can spread very easily due to the great expanses of networks and multiple grounds that exist in these water treatment plants. The external supply lines must be furnished with lightning current capable surge protective devices (SPDs). Surge arresters reliably protect the terminal equipment in the facility against conducted transient voltages.

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