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January 22, 2018
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Lightning Surge Protection Devices

Every industry is constantly at risk of being adversely affected or damaged by overvoltage. One of the greatest threats is a bolt of lightning. A single discharge of lightning near a power supply cable will generate significant overvoltage transient, sometimes causing irreparable damage.

Protective devices such as lightning surge protection devices are used to offset these external influences. They have the job of safeguarding the connected systems without interfering with its operations.

Lightning Surge Protection Devices

How lightning surge protection devices work?

Once voltage rises above expected level, the surge protector comes into play. It suppresses the excess voltage, diverts it safely to the ground and prevents it from causing any harm. When used together with air terminals, grounding rods, these surge arrestors form an industry’s total lightning protection system.

Why do we need lightning surge protection devices?

This decision can be taken by answering simple questions like

  • Whether your facility is adjacent to any tall structure or near a hilltop or located in the lightning-prone area?
  • If your existing lightning protection system includes surge arrestors?
  • Does the machinery or equipment require resistance to overvoltage?
  • Are surges internally generated by the facility itself, such as a large motor starting or welding operations?

However, the need for lightning surge protection devices depends on numerous factors. Our range of surge protection devices are designed and developed with the aspect of lightning protection and should not be considered as an option. Each product is developed by a team of experienced engineers with the aim to solve specific problems faced by industries.

Lightning Surge Protection Devices

Every business has different needs when it comes to keeping their systems running. An industry might require surge protection on their fire alarms while another might consider installing it on security systems and data centers.

Different types and combinations of lightning surge protection device are installed in different protected zones to meet different needs. Some arrestors are generally installed in the service entrance switchboards to protect low voltage equipment such as facility guard and data line protectors.

Installing a lightning surge protection device from Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. ensures security of your company data, employees and facility during an unpredictable electric surge, as well as ensures continued function of critical systems.

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