Lightning Protection Solutions for every Industry
January 22, 2018
Lightning Surge Protection Devices
January 22, 2018
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Lightning safety tips

It is estimated that almost one third of all U.S. businesses will suffer lightning damage at some point. The insurance industry experiences an average of $15 billion in losses annually due to lightning-related damage.

Industries across the world are leaning more on science and automation every day. Sophisticated electronics are dominating the machinery while bigger and more expensive is the norm. Today, every industry has valuable equipment, important information, carry out many critical functions and have lots of people working for them. Thus nothing can frustrate a manufacturer more than the power going out and stopping production due to a lightning strike. Major damage can also result in a shutdown of the manufacturing unit.

Lightning safety tips

Lightning Safety Tips & Measures

On the other hand, every employee deserves a safe work environment. Most manufacturing units are replete with items such as tall metal towers, scaffolding, metal pipes, phone lines, fences that carry electric current and water, which are more likely to be struck by lightning.

With hundreds and millions of dollars in assets on the line, companies should protect these massive investments from every risk possible.

Business can now receive industrial lightning safety tips and measures in form of lightning and surge protection products, solutions and services from us. We make your workplace more productive and cost-effective.

Workplaces need to have safety procedures and systems in place to minimize the risk of injury or harm to employees from hazards associated with an electrical storm. We are proud to say that our expertise and services in the area of lightning safety are aligned with our client’s intentions – to create a safe working environment.

Lightning safety tips

Our core competency towards lightning safety includes:

  • Designing and implementing lightning safety tips and lightning protection solution
  • Surge protection analysis and installation of the appropriate device.
  • Annual maintenance program – from periodical testing to data collection to submitting timely reports and recommendations.

Each of our services is aimed towards providing a productive workplace free from the devastating dangers of lightning strikes through our lightning safety tips and measures.

  • We strive to serve our customers diligently, responsibly and swiftly in all their lightning safety and protection matters.
  • Collect on-site data, analyze and determine the level of risk to prioritize lightning safety recommendations and improvements works.

Our clear, singular vision defines our journey – to provide comprehensive lightning safety tips and solutions, focusing on the needs of the industry, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations.

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