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September 28, 2021
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November 10, 2021

The Best Complete Fuel Tank Lightning Protection

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The Best Complete Fuel Tank Lightning Protection

The construction of large oil depots has become increasingly important, which also makes oil storage safety a hot topic. Lightning is considered being one of the main causes of oil tank fires. Most of the objects stored in the oil depots are flammable liquids, and the oil gases which are produced by oil products can easily cause an explosion. A little carelessness can cause casualties and huge economic losses.

In this blog we briefly describe other latest technologies for fuel tank lightning protection.

Lightning strikes can cause direct lightning damage, indirect lightning damage, and lightning wave intrusion hazards. There are many causes of damage, and the damage can cause harm from multiple aspects.

Prior to export, processed crude oil is stored in Floating Roof Tanks (FRT) to further allow any trapped gas within the crude oil to escape, as this stabilizes the crude oil. In the oil and gas industry, FRT’s are vital in the processing of crude oil to the acceptable export specification. In the tropics and other lightning prone regions, lightning induced floating roof tank fire constitutes a major threat to crude oil production.

Combustibles, fire source, and combustion-supporting materials are the three elements of ignition. In the production and storage of crude oil, we cannot remove combustibles. Therefore, we try to protect products from a ’fire source’. The basic measures to eliminate the possibility of fire caused by lightning are: clear the lightning arc and reduce the probability of generating this fire source, to reduce the potential fire hazard.

LEC’s patented Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA) substantially reduces the risk of tank fires by subduing sustained arcs during lightning events and other electrical phenomena.

Below are a few highlights of our very effective fuel tank lightning protection system

• Effective Low-impedance bond prevents fires triggered by lightning currents
• Corrosion Resistant Retractable conductor cable made from marine-grade aluminum which is highly resistant to hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
• Factory Pre-Tensioned Reliable Retractability: No on-site tensioning required
• Engineered for years of durability and reliable performance in corrosive environments
• Requires virtually no upkeep as compared to shunts
• Safely discharge lightning currents
• Reduces the risk of tank fires by subduing sustained arcs during lightning events and other electrical phenomena.

Request a quote to protect your FRT’s and chemical tanks from us – Lightning Eliminators and Consultant Inc.

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