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February 23, 2022
Lightning Protection Systems
March 29, 2022

5 Steps to Complete Lightning Protection

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From technical review to an extensive site survey; LEC engineers will be able to help you determine the most effective lightning protection system for your facility.

Our process for lightning protection design is as follows:

1. A no cost technical review and risk assessment is conducted. Potentially based on photos, drawings and building plans provided by the client.  This provides basic protection recommendations which will enable an initial design of what your facility will need.

2. Determining the need for protection

After performing the risk assessment, providing accurate data, you should have several options for lightning protection resources.

Here are few possibilities:

  • The building or structure is safe, no protection is required.
  • The building structure or specified zones need external protection.
  • The building or structure needs internal and surge protection.
  • The building or structure needs both internal and external protection.

3. Design Study

Specify the level of protection for each zone.

Provide general diagrams for the Surge Protection Devices (SPD) in different Lightning Protection Zones.

If there are any three-dimensional types of bonding networks required to provide shielding effects against electromagnetic interference.

All the above-stated factors shall be specified in accordance with industry standard guidelines and requirements.

4. Site Survey & Smart Ground Testing – These require a lightning safety engineer. It is the final stage in designing a solution tailored to your lightning protection requirements and includes all aspects of risk analysis and lightning protection design to produce detailed engineering drawings and system specifications. Smart Ground Testing is an advanced protection ground audit system that produces highly accurate results, even on energized systems. Unlike traditional tests, Smart Ground utilizes sophisticated computer modeling, includes a complete professional analysis to IEEE/IEC standards, and provides practical recommendations to improve your grounding system and lightning safety.

5. Installation and Setup  

After the design is finalized, the full installation service is done with applicable warranties.

Lightning Eliminators has been providing lightning protection designs and installations for over 50 years.  We can design a proper protection for your facility to match your technical requirements.


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