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February 23, 2022
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Lightning Protection Systems

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Lightning Protection Systems – Smart Risk Reduction Practice for Every Industry

Lightning is a natural hazard that causes serious economic losses, personal injuries and deaths. Many of these damages occur due to lack of awareness or due to ignorance about lightning protection systems and precautions to be taken during lightning activity.

Our Mission:
• To disseminate information on lightning safety to the public so the precious lives can be saved.
• To train various stakeholders on the latest technologies and protection systems for lightning safety
• To ensure that lightning protection devices marketed in the country comply with the prescribed standards
• Offer technical advice in the areas related to lightning

Why engage us for lightning protection services?

•  Our customer service: Our approach is to provide our customers with the best level of service from initial enquiry to completion and then through on-going maintenance services. We work within your timeframe and budget to provide a cost effective and efficient outcome. Contact our friendly yet professional team for a consultation today.

•  Experience: Over 50 years and counting. We combine our 5 decades of experience in providing solutions for lightning and over voltage issues with our firm commitment to honesty, integrity, loyalty and total customer services. LEC is well placed to address any lightning related problems and we have worked with countless industries to provide efficient and prompt lightning protection services and solutions.

• Environmental Protection: Lightning is a natural hazard, lethal and destructive on short time scales and with important climatic effects on longer time-scales (through NOx production and forest fire ignition). With around 100 strikes per second, lightning currently hits the ground around eight million times per day, but that number could be set to dramatically increase as global warming accelerates. As reported in the journal of Science, we could expect to see a 12% increase in lightning activity for every 1°C of warming, meaning countries like the US could see a 50% increase in the number of strikes by the end of the century.

• Safety first: Safety is at the heart of LEC; we provide extensive training to all our employees, invest in modern equipment and continuously develop methods so our work is carried out safely and in accordance to national and international standards. Our approach ensures that work in completed in a safe and professional manner.

In order to do this properly, electric power companies should not only install lightning protection systems but implement a full and extensive lightning risk mitigation plan, which begins with a risk assessment and includes a customized design unique to the facility, followed by proper installation, and continual maintenance and inspection. This approach can save companies and customers millions of dollars in the long run.

LEC enjoys a worldwide reputation as a foremost specialist in lightning protection and we have also proven our commitment to research and development with dozens of patents. We are devoted to offering a truly effective system and lightning protection design, providing the highest level of safety and effectiveness in lightning protection.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. is a smart risk reduction choice for every industry.

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