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January 11, 2018
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January 22, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Surge Protection

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We all know that electrical circuits are supposed to provide a consistent source of power. Every device plugged into an outlet is dependent on this consistently flowing power. However, a power surge can occur anytime. In just nanoseconds, the same energy that powers a device can stop it from working. It may be caused due to a lightning strike, a power malfunction or a power grid problem. This is when surge protection devices come in to play. They ensure excellent signal quality and reliable communication.

surge protection

What is surge protection device?

It’s an appliance designed to protect electrical and electronic devices from voltage spikes. These suppressors attempt to limit the voltage supplied to a device or equipment by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltage.

Surge protection comes in many forms and can vary depending on the application, such as power distribution panel, process control panel, process control system, and other heavy-duty industrial systems.

Most common factors that contribute to these voltage disturbances include:

Lightning: When lightning is produced in a thunderstorm, large electrical fields are build up in the cloud when liquid and ice particles collide above the freezing level. Once this electrical field is large enough, a static electricity like spark occurs either between clouds, between the cloud and air or between the cloud and ground (Earth).

This spark contains about 300 million volts of electricity. A direct lightning strike can cause several thousand volt transients leaving even sophisticated electrical service panel vulnerable to power surges. Thus every manufacturer does incorporate some form of surge protection within the power distribution or branch panels.

Surge Protection

Utility switching- many utilities or commercial building don’t have a dedicated power line. It is actually a network of generators and substations that interconnect facilities sometimes over a thousand miles. A power disturbance can occur during an ongoing change in electrical demand resulting in the switching of network grid tie points. At this time transient can reach hundreds or thousands of volts affecting all connected equipment.

Regardless of the type of electrical disturbance, our manufactured and patented surge protection devices can protect your company’s power supply, minimize downtime and safeguard your investment.

Lightning Eliminators and Consultant Inc are known for our patented products and professional service.

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