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January 11, 2018
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The Basic of Lightning Safety Tips For Every Industry

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Lightning Safety Tips

With the ever-changing climate and rise in global temperature, we can expect to see an increase in thunderstorms which will equate to more lightning strikes. Experts say that for every 1C rise in global temperature, the frequency of lightning strikes increases by 12 percent.

Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety Tips For Industries

Technology is making tremendous strides, industrial parks, manufacturing plants, banking centers, military installations, emergency centers, sporting complex, chemical plants, oil refineries have seen a proliferation of important and expensive electrical devices and electronic products.

Lightning and quickly moving power surges can instantly bring down sensitive electronic systems of your business. Types of damage from lightning can include blown fuses, vaporized transistors, integrated circuits, vaporized printed circuit boards, to more serious damages leading to costly business interruptions and lost production time.

Lightning Safety

Fortunately, through the application of lightning safety tips, guidelines and public awareness, the majority of lightning damage can be avoided.

Installing lightning protection system

We cannot predict when lightning will strike. But we can safeguard our company’s personnel, equipment, and other assets are by taking lightning safety measure like installing a lightning protection system.  This provides structural protection by eliminating the root cause of a lightning strike altogether, leaving the structure and its content undamaged. This lightning safety tips and measure includes a network of air terminals, bonding conductors, and ground electrodes designed to eliminate a strike and provide a low impedance path to ground a strike that might get through.

Installing surge protection devices

The easiest way to safeguard electrical and electronic equipment is through the use of surge protection devices. The magnetic field caused by a secondary lightning strike can inflict damage to nearby equipment and automated machinery. And these devices will divert the electrical surge away from the equipment. Thus our lightning safety measure does include the right type of surge protection device for your company. All our products are UL-listed and assure the highest level of protection.

We are committed to providing state of the art lightning safety tips and  product with its installation to every industry.

LEC is a specialist in design, manufacturing, supply, installation, test, and inspection of lightning protection system as well as offering end-user lightning safety training.

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