Lightning Protection
Electrically charged aircraft could avoid lightning strikes
April 18, 2018
Lightning Protection
Lightning should not be taken lightly: 3 struck, killed last week in US
July 23, 2018

How Dissipation Array Systems Work

Lightning Protection
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Lightning Protection Systems

This article provides a brief Executive Overview of how modern Dissipation Array Lightning Protection Systems work.

Storm clouds produce electrical “leaders” which descend from the cloud seeking an electrical connection. Storms also cause “upward rising streamers” to rise from ground-based objects. When a downward traveling “leader” connects with an upward-rising “streamer”, a connection is formed and a strike occurs.

The Dissipation Array Lightning Protection System (DAS) prevents the formation of “streamers” on ground-based objects. If no “streamer” is formed, no connection is made, and no strike occurs within the area protected by DAS.

Check out this video for a quick visual overview.

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