Lightning Rods And Lightning Protection Solution 1
Lightning Rods And Lightning Protection Solution
September 1, 2017
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Lightning Damage Prevention By Eliminating The Strike
September 11, 2017
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Surge protection devices meet every industry’s requirements, regardless of the exposure risk. They help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effect of lightning.

Lightning Surge Protection Devices

Lightning strikes and electrical switching can inject transient over voltages into an installation. Electrical equipment can be adversely affected by these surges, particularly sensitive electronics such as computers. These lightning surge protection devices integrate discrete circuit protection into an assembly or system, providing an enhanced level of functionality and protection.

How does a lightning surge protection device work?

These devices divert excess voltage and current from transient and surge into grounding wire, preventing it from flowing through the electrical and electronic equipment while at the same time allowing the normal voltage to continue along its path.

It provides two main functions:

  • To absorb and divert extra current to the ground thereby protecting electronic and electrical equipment
  • Give low impedance path for conducting a lot of current to eliminate the extra voltage.

When designing a system to protect against lightning strikes, consider the following options:

Facility guards – these provide the highest level of protection with a peak surge capacity of up to 400,000 amps per phase.

Transient Limiters – designed for light industrial and commercial use; these SPDs have surge capacity up to 100,000 amps per phase.

DC surge protector – it gives out superior protection of control lines from transient to surge up to 10,000 amps of protection in a range of voltages for all DC applications

Hybrid Surge protectors for data and telecom applications – these SPDs provide individual protection to a specific piece of equipment such as a computer, weighing bridges, process control equipment, etc.

Data line protector – available in a range of configuration for telephone lines and control lines, it provides superior line filtering enhancing safety, reliability, and protection.

lightning surge protection devicesLightning Surge Protection Devices For Buildings &  Industrial Use

At Lightning Eliminators and Consultants Inc., our business is based upon developing long term relationship with our clients by providing complete lightning protection solution and lightning surge protection devices through consultation and patented products in a manner that promotes respect, loyalty, and productivity.

We have a track record of cost saving, uptime and increased satisfaction from our clients.

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