Importance Of Lightning Surge Protection Devices 1
Importance Of Lightning Surge Protection Devices
September 1, 2017
Choose The Best Lightning Protection Design 1
Choose The Best Lightning Protection Design
September 11, 2017
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Lightning Damage Prevention Schemes

Lightning is a powerful force in nature. It is a global phenomenon but not uniformly distributed geographically. There a multiple protection schemes to prevent lightning damage. A Lightning Damage Prevention system must be capable enough to deter lightning related destructive, disruptive and impairment phenomena away from the protected area.

Lightning Damage


A single bolt of lightning can contain up to 100 million volts of electricity. With that much power, lightning damage can be extreme, beyond recovery and repair and financially devastating.

Like in the transportation industry most wireless systems used by them are located in open areas and have components installed on tall buildings and towers; these are more susceptible to lightning damage. So a direct lightning strike will cause physical damage while secondary effects can cause electrical and electronic damage.

Lightning Damage Prevention

What can you do for Lightning Damage Prevention For your business?

Considering industrial level protection from lightning, one must combine protection systems that are designed to mitigate each type of strike. The traditional method of protection may actually increase the likelihood of lightning damage. The right protection lies in not channelling the strike but preventing the charge from accumulating in the first place.

There is a system – Dissipated Array System designed to lower the voltage difference between the cloud and earth.

Manufactured and patented by Lightning Eliminators and Consultants Inc., this system is based on a natural phenomenon known as charge transfer or point discharge principle. It prevents rather than redirects lightning thus eliminating the risk of a lightning damage.

It’s benefits:

  • It’s a straightforward, reliable and effective system
  • It can be used to protect any kind of building, tower, power line or large plant
  • It completely eliminates lightning strikes
  • Even the lightning damage arising from the secondary effect of a strike is avoided
  • LEC has a ‘no strike’ policy with each system involved

Installing a lightning protection system includes a network of air terminals, conductors, and ground electrodes in combination with surge protection devices, which are the best way to protect electrical and electronic assets from voltage spikes.

LEC specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing integrated, engineered Lightning Damage Prevention systems to eliminate any lightning damage.

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