Industrial Lightning Safety And Lightning Protection 1
Industrial Lightning Safety And Lightning Protection
August 31, 2017
The Only Lightning Protection Systems That Eliminates A Strike
September 1, 2017
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Lightning Protection Products

In the last few years, the rate, frequency, and strength of lightning strike along with storms are increasing, making lightning protection products a necessity across the industry, all over the world.

Lightning Protection Productslightning protection products

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc. provides lightning protection, grounding and surge protection equipment with cutting edge customized system designs, manufacturing, and installation. Their lightning protection products differ from conventional systems by providing both proactive and area protection from direct strikes.

As the lightning downward leader is formed, it looks for opposite polarity to equalize itself. The device interrupts the formation of these polarities thus eliminating the strike completely.

The company has manufactured and patented many products:

Dissipation Array System – this system completely eliminates the direct lightning strike and it is compatible with every grounding and surge protection devices. This lightning protection product consists of a low-impendence grounding system, Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) and a Strike Prevention Device (SBI). It can be configured for almost every structure; like the Hemisphere Array is suitable for industrial or commercial structures whereas the Rim Array is designed for floating roof tanks in petrochemical and flammable industry.

Spline Ball Ionizer – this modular lighting prevention system is ideal for structures requiring lightweight protection with a low wind profile. These patented lightning protection products lowers the risk of direct strikes similar to the Dissipation Array System. The stainless steel construction prevents most lightning strikes thereby minimizing damage.

Spline Ball Terminal – this product works under the phenomenon of charge transfer. It has the capabilities of decreasing the risk of a direct lightning strike and if prevention is not possible, it safely collects the strikes and eliminates it to the ground. The SBT is an off-the-shelf lightning protection product; the perfect replacement for standard air terminals.

Streamer Delaying Air Terminal – SDAT in short, is an inexpensive alternative to standard air terminals. It reduces the formation of static charge, thereby reducing the formation of electrically charged upward and downward stream; protecting the structure. It’s compliant for use in any NFPA 780 installations. LEC offers aluminum and copper shaft options with multiple length options.

Lightning Protection Products

Lightning Protection Products

Lightning Eliminators and Consultants Inc., serves a wide range of customers including oil, gas, chemical and another industrial facility. They have established themselves as a global authority.

Contact them to get your property protected.

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