A Comprehensive Lightning Protection Design Solution
February 20, 2018
3 Frequently Asked Questions on Lightning Protection Systems
February 20, 2018

Patented Lightning Protection Products

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Being a leader in the field of effective lightning protection systems, Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. has spent many years developing and testing superior lightning protection products. Due to our efforts, we have many patented lightning protection products. Most notably is our designed Dissipation Array System which is engineered to prevent a lightning strike.


Dissipation Array System (DAS) – Lightning Protection Products


“DAS uses a naturally occurring scientific phenomenon called point discharge to retard the collection of lightning within a finite protection zone.”

It works on the principles of Charge Transfer Systems. These lightning protection products lower the static field long enough for the lightning to terminate or strike outside the protected area.


DAS does not attract lightning it eliminates it.

There are three typical reasons for our clients to choose DAS as their choice of lightning protection:

  1. Operations of every facility are too critical and sensitive to let a high voltage lightning strike to be collected and then grounded. This is especially risky in a physically explosive environment and places where downtime will be very costly.
  2. Industries that will experience extended restart period due to initial downtime or repairs; system checks, processes that cannot be reset and disposals and waste that cannot be reused are areas where choosing our DAS system is the best approach.
  3. Another critical area where this patented lightning protection product is the best choice – personnel safety. Any industry where an area must be occupied by personnel even during a storm activity, such as for surveillance or security reasons.

Additionally, there are other patented lightning protection products that combine (depending on the need and the area to be protected) to provide full protection against lightning.

  • Dissipation Array System (DAS)
  • Chemical Grounding Rods (CHEM-ROD)
  • Retractable Grounding Assembly (RGA)
  • Spline Ball Ionizer (SBI)
  • Spline Ball Terminal (SBT)
  • In-tank Potential Equalizer (IPE)

We understand that an industrial facility’s lightning protection design has to be unique, with immense capabilities to protect your entire facility from damage. Rest assured our lightning protection products incorporate physics and state-of-the-art engineering principles to provide successful and cost-effective protection.

Contact our team and get protected today!

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