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February 7, 2018
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February 20, 2018

A Comprehensive Lightning Protection Design Solution

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It’s important that your facility, personnel equipment and machinery are protected from the dangers of a lightning strike at all times. Whether you have an existing facility or building a new one, we are experts in lightning protection design, its installation, and maintenance.

Based in the USA , Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc. offer our patented products, consulting services, and lightning prevention solutions, customized for each client. We understand that the requirement of each facility will be different.


Why choose our lightning protection design?


A robust lightning protection system and surge protection system is the first step in any electrical system to ensure the safety of your employees, and prevent damages to assets and properties.




We have an experienced team, and over the years gained a wealth of knowledge concerning every aspect of our industry. Our technical expertise covers a complete suite of services from conception to completion.


Customized lightning protection design


We provide you with a professional team to understand your specific requirement, offering a complete solution and render value-added services. We customize our lightning protection design based on the soil conditions, areas to be protected, the climatic conditions for lightning strike and the existing electrical system of the facility among others.


Competitive pricing


Our strong research and development team has enabled us to bring very reliable lightning protection design and patented product range to our clients. The best part is they are all of the highest quality and at competitive prices.


Certified products


Our manufactured products, especially those working on the Charge Transfer Technology come with a ‘no strike warranty’. Additionally, all our products are manufactured with care, under stringent quality parameters and are certified and approved by International test houses.



We are trusted for the quality of our products and services in lightning protection, attained through our in-house expertise and commitment to business objectives of our clients. This is coupled with the belief that even perfection can be improved upon, which makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Holding tightly to professional ethics and moral values, we leave no stone un-turned to assure complete client satisfaction when providing lightning protection design systems.

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