Lightning Rods Ground Lightning Strikes
Lightning Rods Ground Lightning Strikes
July 29, 2017
Working Outdoors? Consider These Lightning Safety Tips
Working Outdoors? Consider These Lightning Safety Tips
July 29, 2017
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We all know that lightning is dangerous, so it only makes sense to understand the different ways of lightning safety oneself.

When you are outside:

  • Stay away from concrete walls and floors. The metal wires and bars inside them are good conductor of electricity.
  • Trees are not safe as well. The moisture within it or in between the bark and wood are easy accessible paths for a lightning strike to ground itself.
  • Avoid leaning against vehicles. Though you can take shelter inside the vehicle; just roll up the windows and avoid touching the metal frame or the steering wheel.
  • Stay away from shorelines, railroad tracks, metal fences, flagpoles, or poles.

What is the best thing to do following lightning safety tip?

The best thing to do when you are caught outside during a thunderstorm is to squat down on the balls of your feet with as little contact with the ground as possible. Wait for the thunderstorm to pass before moving.

However, looking out for the warning signs, taking appropriate measures and following any lightning safety tip is always in better than being caught in a storm. Watch for an ominously darkening sky, crackling sound on AM radio or hear the weather forecast before venturing out.

When you are inside:

The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is indoors. Most houses and buildings are now protected by Lightning rods that direct the current safely to the ground. Still to ensure maximum lightning safety:

  • Avoid using any wired appliances or devices
  • Don’t take a bath and stay away from any water body
  • Electrical wiring is equally dangerous
  • Keep all windows and doors closed

However, these rods do not provide maximum lightning safety. Now, with the development of technology the new lightning ‘safety’ rod can deter the clouds form ‘striking’ altogether.

Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety Tip

This technology – the Dissipation Array System (DAS) reduces the electrical fields in a storm, preventing the protected area from experiencing a lightning strike. This proven method since 1971 is now been used to protect residential, commercial and industrial facilities.  Patented by LEC, it comes with a ‘No-Strike’ Warranty.

Gathering it all together:

  • When no shelter is available, get low to the ground without lying flat
  • Avoid water bodies like swimming pool and lake
  • Close doors, windows, and electronics when indoors
  • When inside a vehicle, roll up the windows and do not touch the metal frame

Last but not the least, install a lightning protection system with DAS technology and secure your home and peace of mind.

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