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March 29, 2022
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March 29, 2022

Why a Grounding Rod is a Smart Move

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Why a Grounding Rod Is A Smart Move For Every Facility.

Improper grounding accounts for a large percentage of damage and malfunction of sensitive electronic equipment.

Multi-grounding renders equipment susceptible to lightning induced transient over-voltages as well as steady-state noise caused by ground loop currents.

These problems can be avoided by.

  • Implementing a single point grounding system and following the National Electrical Code (NEC) when installing the safety equipment and grounding.
  • Properly designed grounding rod systems.
  • Surge protective devices.

Why Grounding Rods are a Smart Move.

When lightning strikes an object, it is looking for the path of least resistance, or more specifically, the path of least impedance.

A grounding system provides a low-impedance path to the ground.  This low-impedance path is installed to encourage the lightning to travel through it instead of through your expensive electronic equipment.

Grounding rods and wires are also used to create what is referred to as a common ground.

One way of creating a common ground is to drive a copper rod into the ground and connect your electrical and electronic equipment to this rod by using wires or straps.

By creating a common ground, you have created a path of least impedance for your equipment should lightning cause an electrical surge.

Copper grounding rod by LEC are a valuable addition to the tools we use to lower ground system DC resistance and AC impedance, which affords a much better environment for a direct lightning strike to be shunted to ground. These grounding rods are constructed to comply with UL requirements. Our Chem rod is a large copper tube with extremely low AC impedance and each Chem-Rod creates an optimal electrical connection to earth with a large conductive surface. The earth/electrode interface is further enhanced by conductive backfill and electrolytic salts, ensuring a consistent conductive path to ground.

With an effective lightning protection and grounding system in place, the excess electricity will be diverted to the earth, thereby protecting your sensitive electronics. Our products include air terminal, down connectors, grounding rods, and surge protection products.

Grounding electrical work is a necessary and smart move. Get started today!

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