The Only Lightning Protection Systems That Eliminates A Strike
September 1, 2017
Importance Of Lightning Surge Protection Devices 1
Importance Of Lightning Surge Protection Devices
September 1, 2017
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Lightning Rods

Lightning is the most powerful display of electrostatics in nature. We all like to crowd around windows to watch the lightning display in the sky, standing in awe of the power of static discharge. Indeed, a lightning strike is a beautiful sight to see, but behold it can also cause an equally devastating effect.

Lightning RodsCopper Made Heavy Duty Lightning Rods

Its rage can wake a person up in the middle of the night and the fury can interrupt midday activity not to mention the loss of personal life and property.

Here at Lightning Eliminators and Consultants Inc., we strive to protect against the devastating effects of a lightning strike through lightning rods.

When a lightning rod is struck, it allows a lot of electrical currents to flow through it into the ground. This saves the protected area from any damage due to over surge or heat.

A lightning rod along with the entire lightning protection system is designed to:

  • Dissipate the lightning energy into the ground with minimum rise in ground potential
  • Protect equipment from surges and transients to prevent equipment damage and costly operational down time
  • Not cause sparking which may lead to fire or explosion nor cause any mechanical damage to the structure

A lightning rod requires proper grounding for efficient and safe dispersing of a large amount of energy from a lightning strike. Failure to provide adequate grounding will cause the lightning rod to be ineffective resulting in property damage and risk to human life. Different techniques are used to ensure that the rod has strong electrical connections to the ground.

Construction of lightning rods

That being said, there is an LEC patented technology efficient enough to eliminate the lightning strike altogether. It does require efficient grounding with proper components to perform but works on a very different technology.

Replace your 10 conventional lightning rods with one ultra efficient Chem-Rod and get a no strike warranty with one Chem-Rod by Lightning Eliminators and Consultants Inc.

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