Lightning Protection: Precarious or Proactive -- Which are you?
Lightning Protection: Precarious or Proactive — Which are you?
October 8, 2015
We Ain’t Got No Stinking Lightning! Ooops!
We Ain’t Got No Stinking Lightning! Ooops!
January 14, 2016
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Week 117 | December 10, 2015

I know I have been remiss in posting recently, for which I apologize. So much to do, and so little time to do it. This video was one of the reasons, my posts have been far and few between of late. But hopefully this video will make up for the lack of posting and in 2016 I will be able to post more frequently and reconnect with all you lightning enthusiasts!

Over the years we have gotten so many requests about how Lightning Eliminators’ Dissipation Array System (DAS) works. In explaining our technology, we subsequently found that many people did not fully understand how lightning is really formed and in order to understand DAS, one really has to know the basic principles of the formation of lightning. That said, we put together this short video which gives a very basic overview of how lightning is formed and how DAS works.

Many assume that lightning comes down from the sky and hits the ground. Nope, Nope, Nope! Most of us probably learned how lightning is formed in secondary school when we learned the different clouds and additional weather related science. Who can forget their Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulonimbus? But I think most of us (including myself) were either sleeping or not paying attention on this magnificent day they taught us about lightning (except for those few who went on to be meteorologists or Brainiac’s of some sort.) The fact is that lightning does not come down out of the sky and hit the ground and does not always strike the tallest point; although the sky and the ground are certainly part of the phenomenon its more of a midair collision. In fact, lightning doesn’t necessarily strike at all! It connects and then explodes, but the current is carried to the ground from the point of connection (not using scientific terms to keep this simple) back down into the ground.

So without further ado I present our new video about lightning and DAS lightning protection.

Leadforce Solutuions

Video Animations and DAS Illustration- John Crane at
Video Production – Leadforce Solutions

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